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Small Batch Raspberry Chipotle Thick Cut Bacon

Small Batch Raspberry Chipotle Thick Cut Bacon

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AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER - Expect shipments to go out 4 to 6 weeks after placing your order. 

Our NEW Bacon is carefully crafted in small batches. This means LIMITED QUANTITY! Order today before it's all gone!

Introducing our BRAND NEW Small Batch Raspberry Chipotle Thick Cut Bacon. Made from the finest pork belly from Drager Farms, we've lovingly crafted our recipe as a wonderful fusion of tart raspberry and the subtle kick of chipotle peppers. Prepare it any way you want, but we think our Thick Cut Bacon tastes best when baked in the oven to a perfect crisp. Great for breakfast, a snack, an appetizer, wrapped around filet mignon, or any other way you can imagine, this NEW Raspberry Chipotle Bacon is sure to be a household favorite!

Available as a 3 lb bundle, or as a 10 lb bundle. If you purchase the 10 lb bundle, get 2 FREE pairs of Meatery socks!

We are now taking Preorders of our bacon. Expect it to be shipped 4 to 6 weeks after you place your order. We will update you via email if the timeline is adjusted. 

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